What Is Field Force Tracking?

Field Force Tracking is an android based Location tracking system. Field Force App has two parts: a web-based management application and a mobile phone App for remote employees.

How do the Field Force Tracking App work?

It is simple. Users install our tracking App called a Field Force Tracking App into their smart phones.User have to press the button of Start locationTracking & Strat Push Data Service one time only. Field Force App store location locally in mobile on every 5 minutes (or there is setting employee wise as per company requirement) by default & connect automatically from Internet Connection in every 16 minute to send the data at server. This information is transmitted back to internet servers maintained by EssentialSoft once the internat connected at the user mobile.At Web Browser or Mobile , you can monitor your field workforce and assets online and in real-time.

Can multiple people view at the same time?

Yes,all people location can be seen at the same time on Map & in Reports.

Can We Check History Location?

Yes, We can check Histoy Location for a selected Time Period on Map or in Report form.

Does this app work when the phone is Switch OFF?

No, it will not work.However, Service will Restart Automatically once the Phone is ON

Can I track my mobile also ?

Yes, you can track a mobile phone after installing the application on it. You just need to start the application and leave the application running in the background and surf to this website to view your tracks.

Will I be able to view the details of my outside work force?

Yes, any computer which has an internet connection will allow you to view your work force.

Will bad weather affect GPS?

This is highly unlikely. The sky must be blocked by an object for GPS tDoes this app work when the phone is ?

Does GPS work under covered areas (e.g., tunnels, parking garages)?

No, GPS utilizes satellites for accurate tracking. If the sky is inaccessible to the mobile unit, tracking cannot take place.

How can we get one demo account of Field Force Tracking app?

Track The Location Of Your Employee in Real Time

You Ask The Question Where? – Where am I, Where is my friend, Where is my co-worker, Where is my child and the answer is install our APP.